Monday, September 1, 2008

Going back to CALI, CALI, CALI...

Ok, this blog is going to be in different format than before, due to the fact I'm excited, scared, trilled and anxious!! I'm ready to go back to cali. I've decided to go back a year from the day I went and visited. During that time it was a ruff time due to the fires, and being short on money! I went down to cali to make money, but due to the fires, a lot of people were struggling and unfortunitly losing there houses!! It was a scary and sad time, but I feel this time things will go right. I currently don't have any jobs lined up when I get down there, so if you are from San Diego, CA and you're a photographer, promoter, fashion designer, talent agent, anything in the entertainment field, please take a look at my portfolio on or to get a taste of what I can bring to you and your business. I'm ready to work and put my self out there in the fashion, promotion world!! I have much more to say, and much more to reveal, so please check back soon.

~Serena aka Rena Fo Sho
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting Ready

So I’m currently working on getting my body ready for this calendar shoot in July. Went out in the sun for at least 10mins and died from the heat, so I’ve decided I’m going to go the fake tan way, and apply bronzer. Pluses for that : Won’t harm my skin, Don’t have to die in the heat, and faster!! Does anybody know how this bronzer works?

I got work on my body, because I’ve been eating a little more greasy and fatty foods, out of stress!! Sad, but I’m working on it.

Photographer on my mind
John Covington Freelance Media

So I recently did a shoot with John Covington and with make up artist Eloria. We’ve worked on a couple of shoots together before. He was one of the first photographers I went up to and asked if he was looking for models. When it comes to me meeting people randomly with emailing them before is a little hard for me, because I still have a shy side to me. Well below are some shoots we’ve done you can also view his official websites and his artwork below the images by clicking on the links. Also check out Eloria’s myspace page -

Product Review/Movie Review/Whatever I review I can think of @ the moment

Welp, I had this craving for marzipan today, and which I’ll write a review about.

Thoughts on San Diego

I think when I was SD living downtown I went to Seaport Village almost everyday. It was a great way to relax, and I know I share many memories with special people in my life. Before I left I had a found a beautiful spot to cetch the skyline of SD and I finally took my own picture of it. Below is that picture. Seaport Village was a great place also to get an excersise walking throughout that whole area, it seemed never ending!

And in closing a place review with my final good bye.

So today’s place review is Cost Plus/World Imports. I’ve just recently found out this place is about 50miles away from me, and has excited me to make a trip there. I used to go there all the time in San Diego, which is a place that sells foreign items, like food, home furnishings, and artwork. My favorite part of the store is the Oriental sections. I especially love Japanese style, and that’s where I bought my first sushi set. A wok, chopsticks, and kitchen wear set. Well thanks for viewing, hope all is well...Take care and God Bless

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Swimsuit Calender and MORE


So I was asked to be in my friends/photographer's calender, which I'm extremely stoked about. Means more publicity for me (and him), which I really need! It's going to be a swimsuit calender!! Soooooo I've gotta work out allot. I'm gonna post a before and after shot of how far I get before the shoot! Also I'm working on getting ready for my trip to Florida!

Photographer In Mind

Stephen Akers

Whelp since this is my first blog entry with my new set up I'm gonna start by giving info on the first photographer that I worked with when I started out modeling, was Stephen Akers. His work I would describe is versatile, intriguing and amazing!! He's very easy going to work with, and always has great ideas. You can check out his work @ his official site ,, or his online magazine -

Product Review

So since I brought up that I'm going to be in a swimsuit shoot, I'm gonna do a review about my favorite razor product. Schik Intuition Plus!! I love this razor!! I usually buy those cheap 99cent ones but since, I've found schik intuition I spend a little bit more but I have really nice soft legs. The razor has a soft lather around the blades, which makes your legs feel soft and smooth. So go and get it and try it out!!

Thoughts on San Diego
So I was talking to my boyfriend about moving to San Diego in August, but he doesn't want to move in that area with me. Probably because of my past, but if anything I'm interested in moving near La Jolla. The only main problem is its hella expensive...actually anywhere in SD is expensive. I just miss living downtown and having that city life experience, and being able to walk 2 the pier or a shopping mall, or a club!

Food Review
So my food review will be about my favorite restaurant in SD, called Sushi Deli 2. First off I'll admit the first main reason I liked this place was because of the prices! Then comes the taste of the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant. The seating is pretty nice, my favorite would be the bar, because you can watch them make your sushi rolls and chat with them. Whelp that concludes my thoughts for today. Hope you enjoyed and will comment. Take care and God Bless.

~Serena aka Rena Fo Sho

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If I were in San Diego Right now....

Titled "The Perfect Day"
I'd wake up to the beautiful ray of light from the sun and be living downtown. I'd hop on the trolley and head to mission beach and grab rolled tacos from the 'lil taco stand across from the jack in the box. Walk to the beach and lay out on the sand alllllllll dayum day, Till around 5 and head to fashion valley @ dlush and get a perl chai tea and then head back down town around 8pm and go to Sushi Deli two to get a bento plate, and more sushi till I couldn't eat no more. Then back home to sleep and do it allllllll over again!!!
(Don't get me wrong once I move back I'm gonna chill with my friends, and go to the clubs, and all the coffee shops in sd....but for just the time on my own or the first day back that's what I want to do)
The End
Ps don't mind the grammar and the run on sentences, because I really don't give a damn right now, JUST LET ME REMINECE OF THE OLD DAYS...mwu ha ah ah

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blender Magazine June 2008

So I first started looking at this mag, just to check out the article about Tila Tequila, then I saw an article about Emo Bashing. I have nothing against anybody emo, I even went out with a couple guys who were, and technically by the way i understand it I am aswell to an extent. I feel it's ridicules for anyone to have hatred towards them. I mean come on they pretty much don't bother anybody. I mean its not a crime to express your own style. I mean come on freedom of speech, and freedom to express yourself. Honestly I don't know if some parts are satanic or not but I feel there is no reason to hate another b/c of who they are.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A lot of Research!

Today was an ordinary day. Did some research on the internet for freelance modeling, which I feel I'm highly interested in, because I can go in the direction that I want with modeling and acting. Around 3 my bf and I went to the mall and got some great deals on pants which you can view on my ebay page.

Then we ate at the pizza place, and after that my bf went to work as I went to Barnes and Noble and did research on running a business.

I loved this one because the two men who created this book wrote it, by emailing each other back and forth. Very original and very educating. I'll post more once I get more knowledge from the other ones.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The New Look

Yesterday I got alot of requests from photographers and stylist, and today I will be calling and making appointments. Here is my new look.

My boyfriend and I went out and alot of people commented on it...calling it "Spicy". So hopefully the look will help me get some good modeling jobs.

Let me get off topic for a second and tell you about the movie we saw yesterday. So we went to see Iron Man. It was an awsome movie, and not just because Robert Downey Jr. is in it, but it was action packed. It held my attention throughout the whole movie. After the movie I told my bf, I hope they come out with Iron Man 2, and the next day I looked on yahoo and they said there were alot of searches for Iron Man 2......Sooooo I believe there will be a sequal.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What I'm trying to ACCOMPLISH in the world of modeling

So I've decided to do some research as I'm getting my self prepared to get my portfolio updated with my new look. I've recently colored my hair to black, got my eyebrows waxed and my ears repeirced. Now in search of a test shoot with a photographer, to update my book. I need to update it with high fashion shoots like the pictures below.

So far I've signed up for a lot of these modeling sites like modelmayhem, onemodelplace, and non-exclusive modeling sites like encorenationwide, and So I'm just waiting to see what I can get out of those sites, and keep building my profile. I need something soon, cause I got some bills to pay, and its been stressing me out, and I know I can really impact this modeling world with my look, so lets just wait and see what happens!! Wish me luck!!
Thanks for reading,

~Serena aka Rena Fo Sho

Friday, May 2, 2008

Rena Fo Sho | Travels and Adventures: NC Blues

Rena Fo Sho | Travels and Adventures: NC Blues

Sunday, April 27, 2008

NC Blues

As I sit here wide awake in the wee hours of the morning as I read a past blog, I've become depressed. It seemed like just yesterday I was in SD, trying to fulfil my dreams, and becoming successful. Now I've been brought back to reality, and back in the struggle of getting my life back together. During that time while I was in SD, so much went on, the fires, meeting new people, losing out on job opportunities, and just daily activities of just trying to get by. Now I'm back in NC, trying harder, and working as hard as I can to return to the place I love, and to get my life back in order. Now its just getting harder, and harder. My current job is cutting back on hours, I haven't been getting any modeling work, and I'm just trying to get my head straight on love issues. Sometimes I'm looking for that sign, that light from God to show me where my path is, and what I should do. At times I feel I've probably missed it, and I'm just repeating the cycle, and until I find that sign I'll just be in the shit hole til I do. Well, I'm getting sleepy now. Plus I have to get some rest so I can go to the Dogwood festival...>WOOHOOO, the only great thing happening in NC @_@...UGHH Get me out of this PLACE!!!!