Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If I were in San Diego Right now....

Titled "The Perfect Day"
I'd wake up to the beautiful ray of light from the sun and be living downtown. I'd hop on the trolley and head to mission beach and grab rolled tacos from the 'lil taco stand across from the jack in the box. Walk to the beach and lay out on the sand alllllllll dayum day, Till around 5 and head to fashion valley @ dlush and get a perl chai tea and then head back down town around 8pm and go to Sushi Deli two to get a bento plate, and more sushi till I couldn't eat no more. Then back home to sleep and do it allllllll over again!!!
(Don't get me wrong once I move back I'm gonna chill with my friends, and go to the clubs, and all the coffee shops in sd....but for just the time on my own or the first day back that's what I want to do)
The End
Ps don't mind the grammar and the run on sentences, because I really don't give a damn right now, JUST LET ME REMINECE OF THE OLD DAYS...mwu ha ah ah