Thursday, May 15, 2008

Swimsuit Calender and MORE


So I was asked to be in my friends/photographer's calender, which I'm extremely stoked about. Means more publicity for me (and him), which I really need! It's going to be a swimsuit calender!! Soooooo I've gotta work out allot. I'm gonna post a before and after shot of how far I get before the shoot! Also I'm working on getting ready for my trip to Florida!

Photographer In Mind

Stephen Akers

Whelp since this is my first blog entry with my new set up I'm gonna start by giving info on the first photographer that I worked with when I started out modeling, was Stephen Akers. His work I would describe is versatile, intriguing and amazing!! He's very easy going to work with, and always has great ideas. You can check out his work @ his official site ,, or his online magazine -

Product Review

So since I brought up that I'm going to be in a swimsuit shoot, I'm gonna do a review about my favorite razor product. Schik Intuition Plus!! I love this razor!! I usually buy those cheap 99cent ones but since, I've found schik intuition I spend a little bit more but I have really nice soft legs. The razor has a soft lather around the blades, which makes your legs feel soft and smooth. So go and get it and try it out!!

Thoughts on San Diego
So I was talking to my boyfriend about moving to San Diego in August, but he doesn't want to move in that area with me. Probably because of my past, but if anything I'm interested in moving near La Jolla. The only main problem is its hella expensive...actually anywhere in SD is expensive. I just miss living downtown and having that city life experience, and being able to walk 2 the pier or a shopping mall, or a club!

Food Review
So my food review will be about my favorite restaurant in SD, called Sushi Deli 2. First off I'll admit the first main reason I liked this place was because of the prices! Then comes the taste of the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant. The seating is pretty nice, my favorite would be the bar, because you can watch them make your sushi rolls and chat with them. Whelp that concludes my thoughts for today. Hope you enjoyed and will comment. Take care and God Bless.

~Serena aka Rena Fo Sho

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