Monday, September 1, 2008

Going back to CALI, CALI, CALI...

Ok, this blog is going to be in different format than before, due to the fact I'm excited, scared, trilled and anxious!! I'm ready to go back to cali. I've decided to go back a year from the day I went and visited. During that time it was a ruff time due to the fires, and being short on money! I went down to cali to make money, but due to the fires, a lot of people were struggling and unfortunitly losing there houses!! It was a scary and sad time, but I feel this time things will go right. I currently don't have any jobs lined up when I get down there, so if you are from San Diego, CA and you're a photographer, promoter, fashion designer, talent agent, anything in the entertainment field, please take a look at my portfolio on or to get a taste of what I can bring to you and your business. I'm ready to work and put my self out there in the fashion, promotion world!! I have much more to say, and much more to reveal, so please check back soon.

~Serena aka Rena Fo Sho
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Siladitya said...

very nice red background picture.
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