Friday, October 19, 2007

Back in Sd!!

Fulfilling night...arrived in SD, when my friend came to pick me up from the airport. That's when the adventure began. That night I don't think anyone got a wink of sleep. Dara and I hired two guys to run us up to Torrence to pick up Ashley, which was a 5hr ride @_@ We were all freaked up and having a pretty good 'ol time, til we had to go to the restroom. So we stopoff @ 7/11 and me and Dara resort to taking a pee behind dumpster. Didn't realize there was a street in the open alley of traffic that my butt faced. Ha ha, at least it was like 2am in the morning, so no one probably saw. So we're back on the road again going to meet Ashley, and to take her back to Dara's house. I really don't remember much because I crashed from lack of sleep from the night before. But everybody recalls me whining like a cat @_@.